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Monday, September 4th 2006

5:25 PM

Calling All True AMERICANS to BOYCOTT Miller Brewing Company



As some of you remember, I posted a cartoon here and said we NEED a BOYCOTT of the Miller Brewing Company for financially SUPPORTING Racist Groups (La Raza) and the pro-illegal alien marches held this weekend...specifically, the march in Chicago.  Well, the BOYCOT is on thanks to ALIPAC.  Make your views known by NOT BUYING MILLER BEER, and by SELLING ALL MILLER BREWING COMPANY parent stocks on Tuesday!


Over 100 Organizations to Boycott Miller Brewing Company for their support of illegal immigration.

EMBARGO: Till Tuesday, September 5

CONTACT: Jason Mrochek & William Gheen
(866) 329-3999

A coalition of over 100 groups that support the enforcement of America's existing immigration laws, including charges against employers that hire, aid, and abet illegal aliens, has launched a national boycott of Miller Brewing Company and their parent company SABMiller plc.

The boycott message is simple. Miller Brewing Company supports illegal immigration by giving money to groups that support amnesty, marches, and benefits for illegal aliens. Citizens are encouraged to "Dump the beer! Dump the stock!"

A website containing boycott instructions, a petition, and documentation has been launched at

Citizens supporting the boycott are encourage to avoid Miller Brewing Company products such as Miller Lite, ICE House, Miller Genuine Draft, and Milwaukee's Best. Citizens are also encouraged to divest in the company's stock and any mutual funds containing their stock. Fliers, stickers, and e-mail forwards are also provided.

"It is time for these large corporations that are using their financial influence to open America's borders to be punished!" said William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC). "It is time for the immigration enforcement movement to show these unscrupulous corporations what we can do when we all work together."

The boycott is being arranged under the banner of the National Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition which plans to organize over 100 groups behind the effort. Jason Mrochek of WeHireAliens.com and FIRE Coalition, and William Gheen of ALIPAC are heading up the effort.

"Miller Brewing Company is giving money to groups that support amnesty and citizenship for illegal aliens that have broken many of our laws." said Jason Mrochek of FIRE Coalition. "The last thing we need is more illegal aliens driving drunk and killing American citizens."

Congressman Steve King's office reports that thirteen Americans are being killed by uninsured drunk driving illegal aliens every day as a consequence of America's unenforced immigration laws. Miller Brewing Company plans to increase profits by marketing their beer to the Hispanic markets that are growing rapidly due to illegal immigration.

All members of the media and public that are concerned about corporate influences using their power to usurp the existing laws of America and the representation of the American public are encouraged to support the boycott and visit

www.WeHireAliens.com is the nation's largest online database of employers allegedly hiring illegal aliens where citizens can report employers that hire illegal aliens to Immigration and Customs Enforcement through the site. ALIPAC is a national political action committee dedicated to securing America's borders and enforcement of existing immigration laws found online at www.alipac.us


Paid for by
Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
Tel 919) 787-6009 Toll Free 866) 329-3999
FEC ID: C00405878
illegal immigration news in America Enforce our existing immigration laws!

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Wednesday, August 30th 2006

9:55 AM

Time to DECLARE WAR on Illegal Aliens

Wednesday, August 30th 2006

9:22 AM

Time To DECLARE WAR on Illegal Aliens

WAKE UP AMERICA...the time has come to DECLARE WAR ON ILLEGAL ALIENS.  Stop telling us we are racist, stop telling us it's the CHRISTIAN THING To do, ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL.  Yes, I am VERY ANGRY today, and tired of all the rhetoric...ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE BAD FOR AMERICA, and any one that cannot see that needs a CLUE.

How many who read this blog are VETERANS?  Did you serve your country so that illegal FUCK HEADS, yes, I said FUCK HEADS, could take down an American Flag proudly flying over one of our United States Post Offices, and replace it with the MEXICAN FLAG?  AGAIN, FUCK THAT SHIT!  This should be WAR!  For those of you to stupid to understand the costs, let me review a few of them here.  Illegal Aliens send home over $120 BILLION dollars in remittances EACH AND EVERY YEAR, and that is fuel STOLEN FROM OUR ECONOMY.  They depress lower and middle class wages on average 7 percent a year, and to the tune of $200 BILLION dollars.  Right now, we have over FOUR MILLION ANCHOR BABIES in America, with the number growing daily....WE PAY FOR THEM.

George Bush, GET A GOD DAMN CLUE...we want TRUE ENFORCEMENT, and WE WANT IT RIGHT NOW.  Send armed troops into Maywood California, and if necessary, use dead force to throw out every FUCKING ILLEGAL SCUM in that city.  The time for these supposed SAFE HAVEN communities is OVER!  George Bush needs to realize, that this nation is a POWDER KEG on this issue, and it is rapidly reaching a point where Ameircans will take justice into their own hands, not because they want to, but because they have NO CHOICE.  Washington needs to start doing their jobs....people like me should not have to be afraid to leave our house at night because we live next door to a house that has 40 illegals in it.  FUCK ILLEGAL ALIENS, the time has come to TAKE CARE OF AMERICANS.

Sorry for the obscenities, but look at this picture, and tell me it does not make your own blood boil.

Pro illegal alien groups raise Mexican flag after taking down US Flag
Release: Pro illegal immigration protesters replace American flag with Mexican..
Posted on Wednesday, August 30 @ 14:10:43 UTC
Topic: illegal immigration alien riots crimes
illegal immigration alien riots crimesPro illegal immigration protesters replace American flag with Mexican flag at US Post office in Maywood California!


CONTACT: William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
WilliamG@alipac.us (866) 329-3999
Don Silva of Save Our State
saveourstate@gmail.com (81 601-8407

On Saturday, August 26, 2006, approximately 70 supporters of Save Our State and the Minutemen gathered in Maywood, California to protest the city's decision to openly declare themselves a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. They were met by an angry mob of illegal aliens that displayed offensive signs, damaged property, assaulted Americans, and removed the US Flag from the post office replacing it with a Mexican flag.

"When large mobs of people gather in American streets displaying overtly racist messages, then lower the US flag and replace it on property owned by the American taxpayers we have a serious problem," says William Gheen of ALIPAC. "Every American needs to see the video of the Mexican flag being raised by this large mob. We need our existing immigration laws enforced now because our nation is losing control of some American cities that are filled with illegal aliens."

At least four vehicles belonging to supporters of law enforcement were vandalized. Several people protesting against illegal immigration were physically assaulted despite a heavy police presence.

The counter protesters that support illegal immigration and Maywood's sanctuary policies displayed signs that read....

"This is OUR Continent NOT Yours!"
"All Europeans are illegal on our Continent since 1492"
"Illegal European Invaders Go Back to Europe"
"We are Indigenous. The ONLY owners of this Continent!"
"Stolen Continent!"
"Deport white supremacist Minutemen / SOS to Europe"
"Workers of the World Unite!"
"Racist Pilgrims!"

Video taken at the event also captured illegal alien supporters threatening to kill Americans, calling them "blue eyed devils," and singing communist chants.

"I've personally witnessed this type of mob behavior with the same messages in at least a dozen cities and towns across Southern California" says Don Silva, regional director of Save Our State. "We need the federal government to immediately ascertain the strength of this growing anti-American separatist movement that is being fueled by illegal immigration."

For photos of this event, video capturing these signs, slogans, and the Mexican flag replacing the US flag please visit the following link. We are also providing links to the websites of the separatist organizations encouraging these mobs.

For More Information Visit


Paid for by
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
Tel 919) 787-6009 Toll Free 866) 329-3999
FEC ID: C00405878

Discuss this article in our Discussion Groups and meet CITIZEN ACTIVISTS!

Note: Take action to distribute this info with our activists via

See pictures and video of this incident at
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Saturday, August 5th 2006

8:33 PM

Mexican Elections/Civil Unrest-What's Coming Next?

Obrador's push for a recount was dealt a SEVERE blow today as the court denied his request for a full recount, while trying to APPEASE him and his minions with a partial recount in some precincts.  So, the question becomes, what is next for Obrador, his minions, and for Mexico?

There seems to be evidence of wrongdoing and vote fixing, much as there was in the 2000 Gore election when the Supreme Court selected our next President.  Gore backed down, but then do not think he had the power or the charisma to call hundreds of thousands of people into the streets in protest, or perhaps more fairly, maybe Americans are just to complacent?  Will Obrador cave in, accept Calderon's backroom offer of a place in the government, or will he instead choose to esculate the so far (almost) peaceful protests to another level?

If he opts to take things to another level, things are going to get MORE UGLY in Mexico than they already are, and perhaps millions of Mexicans are going to try to flood Northward seeking Refugee status...come to think about it, and being somewhat callous where Mexico is concerned, are we watching a very sly machination of the process as Mexico dumps even more of their poor and uneducated off on America's doorstep, knowing full well that Bush will open them with open arms?

Mexican electoral court rejects recount
People protest outside of the offices of the Federal Electoral Tribunal in Mexico City, Mexico on Saturday  Aug. 5, 2006. Mexico's top electoral court rejected Saturday the leftist party's request for a total recount in the country's disputed presidential race, angering millions of supporters of candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.  (AP Photo/Marco Ugarte)
AP Photo: People protest outside of the offices of the Federal Electoral Tribunal in Mexico City, Mexico...
MEXICO CITY - Mexico's top electoral court on Saturday rejected a ballot-by-ballot recount in the disputed presidential election, angering supporters of leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who have kept the nation in turmoil for weeks.

In Mexico's central plaza, thousands of protesters watched the court session on a huge screen, chanting "Vote by vote!" and drowning out the judges' statements. Representatives of Lopez Obrador walked out of the session in protest.

Tens of thousands of Lopez Obrador's supporters have camped out in the capital's center for a week, disrupting business and traffic to press their case that their candidate was cheated of victory in the July 2 election and to demand that all the votes be recounted.

In their first public session on the dispute, the seven judges of the Federal Electoral Court left open the possibility that they could order a partial recount. The tribunal has until Sept. 6 to declare a president-elect or annul the elections.

Official tallies gave ruling party candidate Felipe Calderon, a former energy secretary, an advantage of less than 0.6 percent, or about 240,000 votes, out of more than 41 million cast.

Chief justice Leonel Castillo argued Saturday that Mexico's political parties had a chance to raise concerns and dispute results when the results were first counted July 2 and then again during an official count held the week after the vote.

During an official count, Mexican law allows authorities to open ballot boxes only if there is evidence of irregularities or fraud. Castillo cautioned against straying from the law, saying recounts should be "exclusively and only" when there are obvious problems.

He recommended that a partial recount begin Wednesday and last no more than five days. He also said electoral judges should oversee the process to avoid any doubts.



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Saturday, August 5th 2006

8:30 PM

Say NO to Bush Call for Amnesty BILL

Bush was at it again this week on his radio show, trotting out the same DEAD PONY as he tried to fool us into believing he had secured the border...NOT.  This Entry on Porgie Tirebiter pretty well says it all with not much room for improvement.

Say NO to Bush Call For Amnesty Bill From Congress!

Not sure, but sometimes think Bush assumes Americans are as stupid as he is.  Calling out a small handful of National Guard who have no enforcement ability, and putting only 1500 of the promised 6,000 anywhere CLOSE TO THE BORDER with Mexico is NOT BORDER SECURITY, and does not mean he has SECURED our border with Mexico, let alone ended the influx of criminal illegal aliens.  Yet, on his weekly radio address he was wanting to claim he's kept his promise to the American people, and it was time for Congress to keep their promise by delivering to him a comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill for his signature that includes AMNESTY, and a Guest Worker Program (DELAYED AMNESTY).

Enough pandering to the rich and elite, it is time to take steps to protect America's lower and middle class citizens, and this starts by ENDING the flow of CHEAP LABOR into our country.  This means NO AMNESTY, and NO GUEST WORKER program.  It means holding corporations and America's supposed Small Business community accountable by enforcing our work place laws regarding the hiring if illegals. It means putting a stop to the Catholic Church aiding and abetting illegal aliens in being in America illegally.  It means putting and end to SAFE HAVEN communities, and authorizing all levels of law enforcement to arrest and detain those in America illegally.  It means denying illegal aliens, and THEIR CHILDREN services, including access to medical treatment, and access to our educational system. It means closing the loop hole that so far has created almost 4 million ANCHOR BABIES.

The Congress needs to hold strong, and INSIST that America will accept only a ENFORCEMENT ONLY BILL.  One that builds a wall on our Southern Border, one that puts 60,000 armed troops on that border with the right where necessary to use DEADLY FORCE...stop your whining, how many rapes, murders and brutal attacks do we need to hear about before accepting the fact we have a problem with those flooding into America?

Bush fetes border security improvements
AP Photo: President Bush speaks Thursday, Aug. 3, 2006, at Anzalduas Park in Mission, Texas. Bush...

By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer Sat Aug 5, 10:27 AM ET

CRAWFORD, Texas - With 6,000 National Guard troops deployed to Southwestern states, President Bush said Saturday he has fulfilled his pledge to help beef up border security and challenged Congress to give him legislation that will welcome more foreigners into the country.

Speaking in his weekly radio address, Bush said immigration reform can only be successful if the get-tough border security to keep people from sneaking in is combined with opportunities for more immigrants to enter the country legally.

"By passing comprehensive immigration reform, we will uphold our laws, meet the needs of our economy and keep America what she has always been — an open door to the future, a blessed and promised land, one nation under God," Bush said Saturday. He recorded the remarks Friday from his ranch near Crawford, Texas, where he is on a 10-day vacation from the White House.

Bush wants to provide more temporary worker permits for foreigners willing to take low-wage jobs and allow illegal immigrants working in the United States for some time to become citizens. But Congress has been unable to agree on such legislation.

Conservatives in Bush's party have stood firm against his plans and say the U.S. should instead strengthen security along the border to keep illegal immigrants out.

In an attempt to appease them, Bush announced in May that he would send 6,000 National Guard troops to the border by Aug. 1.

"The arrival of National Guard units has allowed the Border Patrol to move more agents into front-line positions, and this additional manpower is delivering results," Bush said in the radio message. "With the support of the National Guard, Border Patrol agents have seized over 17,000 pounds of illegal drugs and caught more than 2,500 illegal immigrants since June 15th."

Bush didn't mention that only about half of the troops assigned to the four states bordering Mexico are on duty along the border. Many are still in training, the Guard said Monday.



<p><i><font size="1">Technorati Tags:<a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/bush" rel="tag">bush</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/border security" rel="tag">border security</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/national guard" rel="tag">national guard</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/border patrol" rel="tag">border patrol</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/illegal aliens" rel="tag">illegal aliens</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/immigration reform" rel="tag">immigration reform</a></font></i

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Thursday, August 3rd 2006

9:51 PM

End Free Medical Access to Illegal Aliens

  • Mood: Frosted

Courtesy of Porgie Tirebiter http://porgietirebiter.bravejournal.com/

There are TWO MAGNETS that draw illegal aliens across our border with Mexico, and they both need to be TURNED OFF.  First, and the most notable one we hear about are jobs.  Jobs that rightfully belong to Americans.  Don't kid yourselves, these illegals in our work force are RUINING the lives of many lower and middle class families here in America.  Contrary to racist groups like La Raza, illegals from Latin American countries are stealing our jobs, depressing our wages (by over 200 BILLION each year), and in many cases ruining wonderfully rich vibrant middle class communities.

A second magnet, one which La Raza and Pro-Illegal supporters like our Mental Case in the White House, George Bush don't want to admit, is FREEBIE social services, first among them being free MEDICAL SERVICE that our taxes pay for.  Take the example of Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, where 16,000 babies are born to ILLEGAL ALIENS each and every year at an average cost of $6,000 paid for WITH OUR TAXES.  Do the math, that is $93 MILLION dollars of OUR MONEY going down the train to common criminals. 

It gets far worse...for starters, conservative estimates state that we have over 4 million ANCHOR BABIES belonging to illegal aliens currently living in America...at $6,000 a piece we are talking $24 BILLION dollars just in BIRTHING COSTS.  Start factoring in food stamps, WIC, free schooling, school lunches and the like, and illegals are milking our Social Service network (MEANT FOR AMERICANS) of TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of dollars.

Cut off ALL SOCIAL SERVICES to ILLEGAL ALIENS and their DEPENDENTS now, and shut off the magnet that attracts them like flies to a garbage dump.

Dallas hospital cares for illegal immigrants

But it's U.S. taxpayers who are footing the multi-million-dollar bill

The cost of medical care
August 3: Dallas' Parkland Memorial Hospital delivers thousands of babies every year, and a full 70 percent of them to undocumented mothers. NBC's Don Teague reports on why the hospital doesn't turn away illegal immigrants and how it's affecting American taxpayers.

Nightly News

By Don Teague
NBC News
Updated: 7:35 p.m. ET Aug 3, 2006

Don Teague

DALLAS - Parkland Memorial Hospital — the same iconic institution where doctors tried to save John F. Kennedy in 1963 — is today where tens of thousands of illegal immigrants receive taxpayer subsidized care.

“Whether they come from this country or somewhere else, doesn’t matter how I treat them,” says Richard Benson, a doctor at Parkland Hospital.

The most common patients here are expectant mothers. Each year about 16,000 babies are born at Parkland. The hospital estimates about 70 percent of them are delivered by undocumented mothers.




<p><i><font size="1">Technorati Tags:<a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/politics" rel="tag">politics</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/immigration" rel="tag">immigration</a></font></i

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Thursday, August 3rd 2006

12:04 PM

North Carolina Gang Rapes...Ills of Illegal Immigration Spread

In breaking news, North Carolina suddenly falling prey to unspeakable crimes in the way of two new GANG RAPES, at least one of which involved Illegal Aliens as the perpatrators of this vile and nefarious crime.  It is time that AMERICANS demand that our Southern Border with Mexico be closed and secured.


Shocking news has emerged today in North Carolina with the revelation that two new gang rapes have occurred and at least one of the two involves illegal aliens that have raped American women bringing the known illegal alien gang rape count to four!

If you ask most North Carolinians if they can recall a gang rape in the state, most will tell you that they have never heard of one prior to the extensive national coverage of an alleged gang rape of a stripper by the Duke Lacrosse team.

While the Duke Lacrosse team has become a household name across America, and a few gang rapes involving American perpetrators have made the national news, a wave of gang rapes of Americans by illegal aliens has largely been ignored or censored by the traditional American media. Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is currently tracking at least ____ gang rapes around the nation where the perpetrators are illegal aliens.

Today in North Carolina we have explosive news that ALIPAC is announcing to the state and nation. There have been two more gang rapes in a short period of time where the suspects are illegal immigrants in Greenville and Asheville. This brings the total count to four although 99% of North Carolinians have no knowledge of these horrific and news worthy crimes.

In October of 2004, it was revealed that a 37 year old North Carolina woman was gang raped by at least seven illegal aliens in Huntersville, NC. Authorities in a nearby jurisdiction rushed to this crime scene because the Huntersville gang rape was very similar to a gang rape in their area that received no press coverage. Those of us that monitored this story were shocked to find two gang rapes in our state much less gang rapes by illegal aliens.

Despite multiple press releases, calls, and e-mails from concerned citizens, the North Carolina Associated Press refused to carry the story and thus censored it. Only the citizens of Huntersville and Charlotte North Carolina have been able to read about these two gang rapes in the print media. Everyone else has learned of these first two cases by talk radio, word of mouth, and the Internet through ALIPAC.

The first two gang rapes were probably censored by the NC Associated Press because each illegal alien had a valid NC License in their wallets and this was a year after NC Governor Mike Easley had falsely assured the public that he had unilaterally secured our licenses. Had the truth been known about the Huntersville gang rapes, Democrat Mike Easley could have been swept from office in the elections of November 2004.

Now we have two new gang rape cases that have emerged. In Greenville North Carolina, four illegal aliens have been arrested and charged with gang raping a young Pitt County woman. The Greenville Daily Reflector reports that "Fernando Cruz, 41, Walter Ramires, 26, Luis Morales, 24, and Pedro Vasques, 27, all of 5083 Highway 903 South, were charged with first-degree rape and first-degree kidnapping Saturday." They were charged by a grand jury on Monday July 17, 2006.

ALIPAC has confirmed through a source in the local media that these men are also illegal aliens. No local news agency has broken this news to the public yet.

Today, Thursday August 3, we have picked up a story out of Asheville, NC where two men from the Charlotte area have been charged with gang raping an Asheville teenager at the Red Roof Inn. We are racing to identify their immigration status as the charges and reports are amazingly similar to the other crimes.

WWNC reports "Asheville police have charged 22 year old Pablo Vasquez Osorio and 23 year old Marcos Guerrero Fuentes with first degree rape and kidnapping for an allegedly sexually assaulting a 17-year-old Asheville girl at the Red Roof Inn on Krull Road. Authorities say they found the suspects, both from Charlotte, hiding near the area of alleged incident. Officials say the victim has been released from Mission Hospitals."

ALIPAC is doing all we can to determine legal status on this case as there is a clear statistical association between entering the US illegally and gang rape crimes on American soil.

Gang rape is an alien and extremely rare crime in North Carolina, but it is unfortunately common in the third world areas these illegal aliens originate from. Multiple reports from Mexico and points south indicate that rape and gang rape are common and usually unreported due to the absence of the rule of law in those areas. Also, illegal aliens have shown a contempt and disregard for many of our laws prior to their arrests for violent crimes against Americans. Why should anyone be surprised when their pattern of lawlessness continues?

This combined with their ability to move in and out of the legal system and easily across our unsecured border sends illegal aliens the message they can engage in crime with little fear of immigration enforcement or deportation. Language and cultural barriers hinder American law enforcement and any illegal alien charged with a crime that would lead to the death sentence or life in prison can escape back to Mexico. Mexico will not extradite suspects that face life sentences or the death penalty in the US. Today in Mexico, thousands of felons roam free without fear of punishment for their crimes against Americans.

Another big factor in this equation is the fact that many illegal aliens come to America illegally because they would not pass the criminal, medical, and terrorist screening processes in place for legal immigrants. This makes illegal aliens more likely to commit more serious crimes beyond illegal presence, document fraud, identity theft, and stolen jobs and tax dollars.

We also have a new and threatening paramilitary gang culture growing rapidly in America due to the lack of enforcement of our existing immigration laws. These illegal alien gangs are the main importers of drugs, illegal aliens, and terrorists into the United States.

Illegal alien gangs such as MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha 13), SUR 13, and the Latin Kings have sprung up all over the urban and rural areas of North Carolina. It is well documented in the press that these gangs use gang rape as both an initiation into the gangs and as a weapon of terror. In most of Central America, these gangs are the ruling body and not the local police and politicians much less the existing laws.

ALIPAC is again calling on the statewide and national media to report the facts to the public and to alert them that there have been at least four gang rapes in North Carolina perpetrated by illegal aliens in the last two years. These crimes excessively exceed the normal statistical prevalence of gang rape in our state. We can certainly expect this crime trend to continue and expand as more illegal aliens rush into our state and the public deserves to be accurately informed and forewarned so that preventative public policy can be crafted.

A copy of this report is being sent to all NC media sources and our list of national media contacts. The details of the NC crimes and the gang rapes in other places in America are listed below.

We ask that members of the public assist us by forwarding this information to your local media, local law enforcement, local elected officials, friends, and family members.

We must warn our fellow citizens of this new threat in the event the Associated Press continues to block this information.

William Gheen
President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ALIPAC
Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
Tel 919) 787-6009 Toll Free 866) 329-3999
FEC ID: C00405878
illegal immigration news in America Enforce our existing immigration laws!



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Wednesday, August 2nd 2006

9:37 PM

Forget Assimilating And Americanizing Latinos , Deport Them

60 Million Latino's in America? Half or more of them Illegal, or the CHILDREN OF ILLEGALS?  Some think we should figure out how to Assimulate and Americanize them.  Instead, we need to DEPORT those here illegally, and bring that 60 million number down to where it BELONGS, which is around 15-20 million LEGAL Latino's.  IT's time that Latino's realize they are creating a climate wherein Americans will begin hating them in the same way we hate those of the Muslim World who insist on Terrorism as a way of life and change.  You do not steal a nation for yourselves, do not insist that criminals be given rights of citizenship.  La Raza needs to stop it's racist rhetoric, and cease it's push for legalization of law breakers...they would be better served concentrating on improving the lives of those Latino's who are here legally, and who deserve our respect.

Stirring The Nation's Melting Pot

Assimilating And Americanizing Latinos In The United States

(Page 1 of 2)
LOS ANGELES, July 30, 2006



"You just have to say, 'Hey folks, let's go. "Let's be practical. Get over it. Let's think it through in a practical way.' First of all, they're really not going anywhere."

Henry Cisneros
former HUD Secretary

(CBS) By the year 2040, there will be 60 million Latinos in the United States.

All they had to do was take to the streets, together, this spring to force the question, yet again, in our immigrant history: is it different this time? Is this invasion a threat? Will we become them or will they become us, asks CBS Sunday Morning contributor Martha Teichner.

The Barajas family, gathered at their house in East Los Angeles for a birthday party, offered a glimpse into Latino assimilation in America.

"Happy Birthday" was sung in English and the name on the cake read "Bobby" not Roberto.

Louis Barajas, Bobby's brother, says everyone he knows comes from an immigrant family. "There isn't a friend that I have that doesn't have parents that came from Mexico," he says.

The Barajas' are the living, breathing embodiment of a statistic immigration analysts consider proof that Latinos are assimilating into American life——from Louis's parents to his 13-year-old daughter, Aubrey.

"I talk to my parents in English. I talk to my grandpa in Spanish," Aubrey says.

By the third generation, the vast majority of Latinos, nearly 80 percent, speak English. Many speak no Spanish at all.

So the good news is that if you look at those numbers, it's clear that Latinos are no different from the immigrant groups who preceded them to this country, but depending on your viewpoint, that's also the bad news, because anxiety over Latino immigration is all about numbers and their impact on American culture.

There are 40 million Latinos in the United States, more than 13 percent of the population.

Just turn on the television: Spanish language broadcasting is a multi-billion dollar growth industry. Look around at the nation's construction workers, janitors, lawn crews and restaurant staff——Latino faces everywhere.

"People always emphasize the Latinization of America, and they don't look at what's happening to the Americanization of Latinos," says Harry Pachon.

Pachon is president of the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute at the University of Southern California.
"You can look at where do the loyalties lie. Forty Latinos are Medal of Honor winners. Fourteen percent of the marines are of Hispanic origin. So what is this Latinization going on? It's not a one-way street, it's a two way street," Pachon says.

A White House photo-op last week said it all. The three soldiers, wounded in Iraq, that the president swore in as U.S. citizens: two Mexicans and a Dominican.

"I live among immigrants. These folks had to rip themselves up from another culture, from their families and work in order to achieve a better life. They have voted with their feet and had the faith of the convert," claims Henry Cisneros, the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the Clinton administration.

It's in the nation's interest to help them, according to Cisneros, a third generation Mexican-American, who was also mayor of San Antonio, Texas.

"We need to create institutions at our churches, at our neighborhood groups, at our community development corporations and yes, sometimes, government, i.e. the schools that offer an Americanizing curriculum that says, this is the way you become an American," Cisneros says.

Louis Barajas thinks Latinos ought to be doing the teaching.

He went to UCLA on scholarship, got an MBA and went to work doing financial planning for Anglo millionaires.
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Wednesday, August 2nd 2006

9:25 PM

Crack Down on Illegal Aliens Scaring Some in Ohio...GOOD!

Could it be, that Illegal Aliens, the scourge of the earth, are finally getting a clue?  According to a shop owner in Middletown, Ohio the illegal aliens are running scared (as they should be) after ICE started actually enforcing OUR LAWS, and cracking down on illegal aliens, and those who HIRE THEM.  They are receeding into the shadows, and some are even buying one way tickets BACK TO MEXICO as they now fearremaining in America...as any illegal alien should.

Bush wants to back door us with the Pence plan, but we see through that, and believe that immigration reform is DEAD until after the election...problem is, we are still left with the issue of dealing with these CRIMINALS, and need and ENFORCEMENT ONLY bill passed by Congress, or better yet, how about just ENFORCING THE LAWS ON THE BOOKS!

Immigration crackdown alarms Ohio workers

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio - At his Tienda La Raza grocery store and restaurant, Jose Bravo sells Spanish-language DVDs and Mexico soccer jerseys, chorizo sausage and chopped cactus. Lately, there has been another hot seller — one-way bus tickets out of here.

"People that had been in the United States for a while, who were planning to stay, now they feel scared," Bravo said. He said he has sold at least 10 tickets in recent weeks to people who are moving to Michigan or other parts of Ohio, or who have decided to go back to Mexico.

Tough talk on immigration over the past year in Butler County has alarmed some of the area's immigrants, many of whom work in construction in this booming area midway between Cincinnati and Dayton.

The community has been roiled by debate over the county's resolve to crack down on employers of illegal immigrants, calls for a new law allowing local authorities to expel illegal immigrants, a state legislator's bill to make English Ohio's official language, and protests from civil rights activists after county authorities detained 18 undocumented immigrants.

Around the county, billboards show Sheriff Richard Jones — arms folded across his burly chest, a revolver at his side — warning, "Hire an Illegal-Break the Law," with "Illegal Aliens Here" in a circle with a slash through it.

"The public is so frustrated with illegal immigration," said Jones, who contends the hiring of illegal immigrants violates Ohio tax law. He has yet to arrest any employers. But county officials have talked about the possibility of denying building permits to contractors who hire illegal immigrants.

In Hamilton, the county seat, Luis Garcia, said he has seen several friends move to Kentucky because of the controversy. "I like it here, there's a lot of work. But a lot of people are leaving," said Garcia, 27, who said he works legally installing drywall.

Bravo, who is a legal immigrant, said Mexicans who are here illegally talk of life in "the Golden Cage" — going out only to work, then hiding in their homes.

Kevin Johnson, a professor and expert on civil rights and immigration law at University of California-Davis, sees frustration growing as the immigrant population spreads into the interior of the country, saddling local communities with added costs and straining services while there is legislative gridlock in Washington.

"We are seeing undocumented immigration occur in places where it was unheard of 15, 10, maybe even five years ago," Johnson said. "So you have a situation where you have concern with immigration that creates some resentment and some pressure for local action."

Hispanics are the fastest-growing immigrant group in this heavily Republican county, the home of House Majority Leader John Boehner, AK Steel and Miami University. The county of about 350,000 residents has more than 7,000 Hispanics, up from about 4,800 in 2000. The Hispanic population jumped fivefold in the 1990s in Hamilton, a city of about 62,000.

Hamilton elected one of Ohio's first Hispanic mayors less than a decade ago. Adolf Olivas, whose parents were born in Cuba, was defeated for re-election in 2001 but said Butler County had for decades hosted "a nice, tight, Spanish-speaking community."

Now, though, critics complain that immigrants are straining schools, hospitals and other services and increasing crime. Advocates say they are helping drive economic growth and adding diversity.

The issue boiled over after the rape of 9-year-old white girl in June 2005 in Hamilton. That sparked days of unrest, including the appearance of robed Ku Klux Klansmen and the torching of the house where the suspect, a Mexican immigrant who quickly disappeared, was staying.

"Because of one bad person, it hurts all of us," said Antonio Ruiz, who helps build houses in Hamilton. The 36-year-old illegal Mexican immigrant said he now feels like a target: "When we go to the store, when we go to the gas station, we don't know if we're coming back."

The American Civil Liberties Union decried as vigilantism the detention in May of 18 undocumented immigrants working at a construction site.

Some civic leaders are trying to defuse tensions.

Shelly Jarrett Bromberg, a Miami University professor of Spanish and Latin American studies in Hamilton, last summer helped start a group, now about 75 strong, that has organized community forums and a legal-information fair for immigrants.

"I think at least until today, people have felt the city is welcoming," she said.

During Bible school this summer, some three dozen children, none of them Hispanic, at Park Avenue United Methodist Church in Hamilton learned songs in Spanish, played with a pinata and maracas, and made fleece blankets that say "Jesus Loves Me" in English and Spanish to send to a sister church in Mexico.

For his part, Bravo is optimistic the situation will improve. He added a second flat-screen TV to his restaurant during World Cup soccer and plans to start a Mexican food buffet. He, his wife and their two children are U.S. citizens. They recently bought a new home in a suburban neighborhood.

"We've become part of the culture here," he said. "We live like any other American people."


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Wednesday, August 2nd 2006

9:22 PM

Mexico On Road To Chaos?

Found this interesting piece on the building Chaos in Mexico surrounding the contested election over on http://porgietirebiter.bravejournal.com/ and thought I would share the read.

Obrador Strangling Mexico City

No one seems to be listening, and with the Israeli War going on, much like the Iraq War, the story of the mass protests in Mexico City seem to be getting no coverage in the American Press.  I believe a big reason for this, is that covering the unrest would create even more problems for Bush in trying to jam AMNESTY down the throats of Americans.  What worries me though, is the powder keg that these protests actually represent.

Almost 50 percent of Mexico's population lives at or below the poverty level, the nation being very much a two tiered society.  The Presidential Election literally split down the middle, the votes divided along CLASS LINES.  There seems, much like Bush's stolen presidency, that there is a tremendous amount of voting irregularities to be answer for, and Obrador, unlike Gore is NOT BACKING DOWN.

There are beginning to be cracks in Vincenti Fox's patience, and I believe it is only a matter of days before we see the use of FORCE to disperse the protestors, and when that happens, we could see Mexico slide into Civil War, and the US has taken NO STEPS to prepare for what would then amount to a FLOOD OF REFUGEES, that would need to be CONTAINED at the border.

Under fire, Mexico leftists vow more vote protests

Wed Aug 2, 2006 5:48pm ET165

By Lorraine Orlandi

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico's government slammed the main opposition leader on Wednesday for crippling Mexico City to protest alleged fraud in a tight presidential election, but his senior aides vowed to turn the screws even tighter.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is heading the protests to pressure Mexico's electoral court into ordering a full recount of votes in the July 2 presidential election he narrowly lost to the conservative ruling party's candidate, Felipe Calderon.

Thousands of leftists have seized the capital's vast Zocalo square and the main Reforma boulevard in support of Lopez Obrador, causing three straight days of traffic chaos and drawing fire from the government.

"Mexico City belongs to everyone. All those who live here deserve to have their rights respected," said Ruben Aguilar, spokesman for President Vicente Fox, in a rare outburst.

He said the leftists were hurting the economy, putting jobs at risk and violating residents' rights of free movement.

While the protests have been very peaceful, analysts say the tactic could backfire by angering residents and alienating some of Lopez Obrador's former supporters.

Calderon is trying to take advantage. "They are shooting themselves in the foot," a senior aide, Arturo Sarukhan, said of Lopez Obrador's Party of the Democratic Revolution, or PRD.

Lopez Obrador has apologized for the disruption caused by his followers setting up protest camps in the Zocalo, one of the world's biggest squares, and a six-mile (10-km) stretch of Reforma. But he insists it is a small price to pay and plans to extend the campaign of civil disobedience even further.   Continued...

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Monday, July 24th 2006

5:23 PM

Out of The Shadow's One American's Story

From Out Of the Shadows

Legal American Screams to be Heard


Today I stumbled across a web site called, “The Voice” which attempts to give the unheard masses here in America a platform where our voices on Illegal Immigration can be heard.  Having watched the Dog and Pony show this summer referred to as “The Hearings”, I find the concept more than refreshing, and far more necessarily than George W. Bush and the United States Senate would like to admit. 


People like Billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg, Pro-Illegal Mayor of New York seems to have no reality when it comes to understanding the harm being done to lower and middleclass Americans by a human tsunami of 15-20 million illegal aliens who are stealing our jobs, depressing our family earnings, and in many cases bringing a certain level of ruination to our lower and middle class communities. He does not, and cannot speak for myself, nor any one else who struggles day to day to keep food on the table, and the mortgage paid at the end of the month.   


Sadly, those in elected office seem far more interested in winning over a voting block (The Latino Vote) than taking the necessary steps to curb illegal immigration, and restore order to our borders, both of which would stem, and eventually reverse the harm being done to those, like myself, who have no voice because politicians refuse to hear our screams.


I am an American, I am being hurt by illegal immigration on numerous levels…my God, typing that simple sentence makes it sound like I am a member of some 12 step program, makes it sound as if there is something wrong with me if I do not support the concept of granting Amnesty to 15-20 million people who are bent on stealing my dream in the name of attaining their own. 


I would put a bumper sticker on my car that gave some small voice to my views, but am afraid that I would wake up the next morning to find my car vandalized, windows broken out, and tires slashed.  Marches…forget about it, seems the liberal press only covers marches when they involve illegal aliens demanding full rights to citizenship, and end to deportations while Bush pushes through and Amnesty and Guest Worker Plan that would make all those criminals legal with a stroke of a pen. My God, why has my nation forsaken me?  By my reckoning, any one here illegally is in violation of no less than four criminal statutes, and that is being conservative, yet reporters instead want to present illegal aliens in a humanistic light, painting them as victims who deserve our compassion rather than our scorn. Those reporters need to spend a day walking in the shoes of those who are affected by these invading hordes.


My name is Pinto Bean (assumed for personal protection), and I HATE illegal aliens, and am slowly beginning to hate a government that no longer cares about myself, and millions more like me.  This is/was my America, and slowly I feel it slipping away, see myself becoming marginalized in the nation where I was born and raised, I am one of those wishing for a platform where my own story can be told, a space where I can share with the world my own loses as illegal aliens steal away what I had once taken for granted.


Where does one begin? My wife and I, both 50, live in a nice mixed moderate income middle class community. (Mixed in this case, meaning people of different races, and different levels of education, all living an average middle class life, and struggling to stay afloat.)  We live in an old (built in 1903) Victorian home on a quiet street about one hour north of New York City.  For the past ten years we have paid our mortgage, and gone into debt to restore our home, and make a pleasant life for ourselves.  Somewhere around 2000, maybe 2001 there was a change, one that at first most of us failed to see.  Certain houses changed, and with that change we began to notice unexpected problems.  At first we wanted to ignore those problems, wanted to give things and people a chance to adapt to our community, and perhaps in that we made a horrid mistake.


Us Americans, we are an accepting lot, perhaps our own immigrant family trees seeing us being overly accepting, always wanting to give people a chance.  After all, at first it was ONLY ONE HOUSE, and maybe things would change…soon, one house became two, and then three as absentee landlords out to make a buck bought up some of the larger old homes and began turning them into tenement properties which they rented out, not to one family, but to 20,30 even 40 illegal aliens.  Currently, we find ourselves in the unenviable position of having a house full of illegal aliens directly across the street from us, and another one right next door.  Some might want to say, “Ok, what’s the big deal?” and all I can say, is stop for a visit, and you tell me.


For starters, let’s talk cars.  Most streets I have ever been on have only so much space where one can park a car.  This is not something I (nor my neighbors) had ever given much thought to, it was never a problem.  I and my wife had just enough space in front of our home to park two cars, as did all the neighbors.  Living in New York we have alternate side of the street parking in the winter, so come that time of year, my wife and I as one of the few people on the street with a small driveway would move one of our cars into same, and block it in with our other car, thus creating and extra two spaces on the street for our neighbors.  Our street (both sides) has 16 houses, and basically enough on street parking for 32 cars.


Now, as I have said, there is a house full of illegal aliens beside and across from us, the only two homes filled with illegal aliens on our street.  Between the two homes, there are in the ball park of 60 people where there should be two average families (say ten people including children).  Now, most of these people in these two homes are adults, and many of them have decided they should OWN A CAR.  So, two houses have, at last count, 23 cars…are we beginning to get a picture here?  That leaves only NINE SPACES before our neighborhood has a parking problem where before there was none.  Further, they are sneaky…realizing parking spaces were now at a premium, they starting parking in such a fashion that one car would claim TWO SPACES until one of their own came home from work, where upon they would pull the one car up and let the other one in.    Calls to the police were fruitless; they informed us it was A PUBLIC STREET, and nothing could be done!  Forget the obvious, that they are here illegally…our town’s mayor has endorsed Mayor Bloomberg’s position that Police Officers cannot ask about someone’s IMMIGRATION STATUS.


These illegal aliens seem to have a sense of entitlement about a lot of things, not just parking spaces.  My wife and I have some nice landscaping, and as a part of that, some beautiful lighting.  Never would we envision that lighting creating PROBLEMS for us. These illegal aliens buy what I would call BEATER CARS, old hand me downs that take a lot of work to keep running.  Our beautiful landscape lighting apparently was taken as and invite by these illegal aliens to turn the street in front of our house into a repair shop for their cars, and the steps leading up to our home was a perfect tool bench.  This was BAD ENOUGH, but gets better.  We noticed our water bill had increased, and at first thought maybe there had been a rate hike we were not aware of.  Imagine our SHOCK and surprise when one of our neighbors knocks on the door one night to inform us that the illegal aliens living beside us were using our hose and water during the day while we were at work to wash their cars, and water their small vegetable garden!  There is something wrong when I have to go down into our basement and turn my outside water supply on and off when I want to water my own flowers and lawn.


Like most towns, we have once a week garbage pick up, which is more than adequate for homes that have a reasonable number of people living in them.  However, when you have 30 people in one house, a whole lot of garbage adds up in a week’s time.  Enough garbage builds up in fact to attract both cockroaches and RATS.  Last spring we had just gotten our pool open, and came out the next morning to find one of these rats had gotten up onto our deck, and drowned in our pool.  We now have to routinely have a pest control service to our house to keep these vermin and cockroaches at bay. 


Our illegal aliens are all Latin.  They in numerous ways seem to think they have the right to FORCE their culture on the rest of our block.  Further, if their actions are representative of the Latino culture, I have some problems with it.  First, perhaps because they come from a warmer climate, they seem to enjoy congregating OUTSIDE, and have a propensity for consuming LARGE AMOUNTS of alcohol.  Now, not saying these are traits unique to Latin America, but some of the things they do when consuming their alcoholic beverages are not behaviors I witness by the rest of the folks on the block.


We do not urinate in our front yards here in America, yet routinely we have had to witness this disgusting spectacle, and yelling at them does no good.  We do not park our cars in the middle of the street and block traffic because we want to join the party going on at the house full of illegal aliens…seriously; they seem to gather in PACKS like wild dogs.  Not everyone on our street likes Latin music, not everyone wants to listen to your music blaring loud enough to be heard two miles away, and we like it even less at ten in the morning on a Saturday when we want to sleep in, and absolutely HATE IT at two in the morning when most SANE people are asleep in their beds.  In America, we do not block the side walk so that a woman has to push her way through you, or walk out on to the street, and we do not leer at these women and made rude sexual remarks as she walks past.  That’s sexual harassment.


We have a nice back yard, off of the back porch we have a small covered patio with table and chairs that we enjoy sitting out under.  I woke up one night in need of a snack and headed down to the kitchen when I heard voices.  So, I quietly made my way through the kitchen to the small half bath which has a window which looks out over our back yard.  Imagine my surprise when sitting on MY FURNITURE, IN MY YARD were sitting five illegal aliens drinking beer, smoking cigarettes (that they were putting out on MY DECK) and talking.  When I went outside to confront them, they wanted to get INDIGNANT, informing me that I was NOT USING IT, so what was the big deal.  I had to go back inside and get my Louisville Slugger to show them that it was a big deal.  This is not the first time, nor the last time they have accessed our yard…do we have reports from neighbors that a couple of their children sneak into our back yard when we are at work and swim in OUR POOL.


We've caught them peeking into the windows of our house when drunk like common peeping toms, had to call the police when they were so drunk they thought our house was theirs at three in the morning, but the worse affront occurred this past winter.  We had gotten a huge snowfall here in New York, and that means shoveling.  Now, we have a sidewalk along the side of our house (elevated) that runs beside the driveway of the house beside us that has all the illegal aliens. (The landlord thought a black top parking lot made more sense than a BACKYARD.)  I was upstairs getting myself ready to head outside to shovel and happened to look out our side window, only to see the illegal aliens throwing their snow off their driveway up onto my sidewalk, piling it up onto the foundation of my home.  I went outside screaming at them, and pushed all the snow they had piled up back onto their driveway while telling them NEVER TO DO THAT AGAIN.  The next day I was served with a summons…the landlord had charged me with TREPASSING.  Sure, the case was eventually thrown out of court, but not before I spent a great deal of money having to hire and attorney, not to mention losing three days off from work to make the court dates.


Some may see these things as and inconvenience, at best a nuisance, the cost we pay for being a welcoming nation.  However, these actions and behaviors on the part of illegal aliens have a measurable cost in dollars.  Their presence in our community, the tenement houses next to and across from me have lowered the value of our home by over $50,000 and I am wondering who it is that is going to give that money back to me?  That is our hard earned equity, which was money we had considered as banked for our retirement.  Perhaps to a George Bush or Michael Bloomberg $50,000 is pocket change, not and amount worth fretting about, but for my wife and I that loss is more than we can afford to have lost, represents us having to work a couple of extra years before having a chance to enjoy our golden years.


Americans are a compassionate and giving people, we routinely are the first to open our hearts and our wallets when disaster hits those less fortunate than ourselves.  Our nation already has the most liberal immigration policies in the entire world; we legally allow millions to immigrate here each and every year.  However, even if our politicians in their quest for CHEAP LABOR fail to recognize it, we as citizens have our limits, can only be pushed so far before our backs are up against a wall and we decide to fight back.  We are losing our jobs to illegal aliens, our wages are being depressed (over eight percent per year on average) by illegal aliens, and our neighborhoods are being ruined by illegal aliens…in short, our backs are up against the wall.  I fear what will happen if the government fails to heed the voices of the majority, I fear what will happen if they go against our wishes and grant AMNESTY to 15-20 million undeserving criminals.


(This is just one part of my own story, my own pain…perhaps in another writing I will share with you the reader how illegal immigration has interfered with my ability to earn a decent living wage.)

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